Our team of psychiatrists are specialized in addiction with over 10 years of experience in the field.


Through our work with patients, we are acutely aware of the negative impact of their difficult life experiences and we make every effort to offer them with trauma-sensitive care.


We strive to be with the patients in their journey towards recovery. As a result, our clinics are a welcoming space for patients to connect and mingle in a supportive and friendly environment.


At Reset Clinics, we attempt to help patients transform their lives, from merely surviving to thriving. We do this by catering to the different domains of patients’ lives.

& Assessment

Primary evaluation:
Individuals may call to schedule an appointment for an intake interview that assesses their physical, emotional, and behavioral conditions as well as their readiness for treatment. Family members and other concerned persons may call Reset Clinics for help; referrals may also be made by physicians, healthcare workers, social service workers, or employers.

Psychiatric assessment:
Once enrolled at Reset Clinics, a comprehensive psychiatric assessment will be conducted. This assessment examines the extent and type of the addictive behavior as well as the presence of comorbid mental health disorders. At the conclusion of this assessment, effective treatment options are explored. Referrals are then made to the most appropriate service at Reset Clinics or to other community resources when needed.

Urine Screening

Weekly comprehensive urine screening is used to monitor compliance with the treatment, providing evidence about the patient’s recent substance use.


A team of specialized psychiatrists in the field of addiction offer assessments and diagnostic services, withdrawal management interventions (outpatient detox as well as inpatient when needed), treatment for comorbid psychiatric disorders and continuous follow ups to evaluate progress in the course of treatment.

& Safety Awareness

Information about health and safety is provided by a registered nurse. The goal of this information is to educate the patients about the risks of substance use and to promote harm reducing practices as well as protective behaviors concerning medication adherence, sexual activities and sexually transmitted diseases. Confidential voluntary screening for hepatitis B, C and HIV is available for patients who may consider themselves at risk of contracting these sexually transmitted diseases.


Peer education seeks to empower individuals attempting to recover from substance use through on going contact with a good role model that they can identify with. Peer education offers support for individuals who are resistant to conventional psychotherapeutic methods and promotes relapse prevention techniques. Furthermore, peer education motivates individuals to stay on course and provides a containing environment during crises.


Individual psychotherapy and counseling:
Specialized psychotherapists from several schools of therapy (CBT, Narrative therapy, family and systemic therapy, DBT...), offer psychosocial support and addiction counseling, guided by personalized treatment plans for the individual. Seeing that each patient has unique challenges in their lives, the team of psychotherapists work collaboratively with the patient, to define and address their desired treatment outcomes as well as to work on essential skills that would help them cope with stressors, build self-confidence and improve social engagements.

Outpatient Group Therapy:
These counselor-led therapy groups use various curriculums that explore early recovery skills, relapse prevention, and include a family education component. Counselors explore with individuals the possible changes to make to reduce or eliminate further problems and how to maintain those changes after leaving treatment.


An emergency hotline is available around the clock for Reset Clinics patients who may be dealing with drug related crises.

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