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Founded in March 2017 as part of Social Reset, Reset Clinics is an initiative geared towards assisting individuals who are attempting to recover from substance use and other addictive behaviors in an outpatient setting. Unlike residential treatment settings, outpatient treatment at Reset Clinics allows individuals to live at home, to work, and to care for themselves and their family while receiving support in their journey to complete recovery.

Reset Clinics is committed to treating the whole person and their families with caring, qualified mental health professionals in the fields of addictology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, nursing, and peer education. Our team of experts address underlying causes of substance use and behavioral patterns to guide patients toward lasting recovery.

We aim to do this through a host of affordable programs that are supported by scientific research in the hope of restoring healthier familial relationships, building sober connections and reintegrating into society and professional life.

Reset Clinics offers several treatment options to meet individual needs, goals, and objectives. Each treatment option offers a mixture of individual counseling, group counseling, scheduled drug screening, and opportunities for family participation and support.


It is the mission of Reset Clinics to provide a safe, supportive environment offering innovative approaches for our patients and their families. We believe that addiction cuts across multiple domains of life, and in order to enhance the patients’ functioning, the treatment process must be steady and continuous and should address not just the symptoms of substance use disorder but the underlying causes, conditions, behaviors, attitudes, values, family dynamics and purpose and direction of each individual. We believe that it is our mission to be a community-based healthcare organization that offers the highest quality in direct clinical services. In support of this mission, Reset Clinics provides clinically-appropriate resources and referrals, educational and therapeutic platforms. Reset Clinics’ purpose is to help those individuals, families and communities suffering from addiction in whatever is necessary to support sustainable, long-term recovery and allows patients the opportunity to achieve a purpose-driven, high quality of life.


Our team of psychiatrists are specialized in addiction with over 10 years of experience in the field.


Through our work with patients, we are acutely aware of the negative impact of their difficult life experiences and we make every effort to offer them with trauma-sensitive care.


We strive to be with the patients in their journey towards recovery. As a result, our clinics are a welcoming space for patients to connect and mingle in a supportive and friendly environment.


At Reset Clinics, we attempt to help patients transform their lives, from merely surviving to thriving. We do this by catering to the different domains of patients’ lives.